Terrier Resources

Quansa Training Center

Airedale and Lakeland Terriers.  Large Training facility, on-line training forum, "Manners in Minutes" training seminars conducted throughout North America.  Owned by Pat Muller, past-president of the U.S. Lakeland Terrier Club.

About the Lakeland Terrier

An excellent overview of the breed by Wakefield Lakeland Terriers.

Grooming the Lakeland Terrier

Information on grooming for the show ring or the pet Lakeland Terrier

Hand Stripping the Wire or Broken Coated Dog

A handy Q/A formatted page of information regarding what hand stripping is and its purpose.  Also contains links to other information on grooming wire-haired terriers.

Pet Trim - Clipping Tutorial

An illustrated, step-by-step tutorial on how to clipper-trim a pet Lakeland Terrier

U.S. Lakeland Terrier Club Homepage

U. S. Lakeland Terrier Club Rescue

American Kennel Club - Lakeland Terriers