Tolyn's Double Take "Kelly"

September 20, 2000 - August 24, 2002

Kelly was killed in an accident just as her life was starting... I am leaving this site as it was to honor her memory...

Kelly was born on September 20, 2000.  She was one of two girls born to Bobbi and Murphy.  

Kelly got her name, Double Take, because every time I turned around, she was doing something that made me look twice to believe it!  She killed her first mouse at 12 wks.  She jumped onto the kitchen table from a stand on the floor at 4 months.  A month later, she bounced onto the kitchen counters.  She was an energetic puppy and has become an athletic, showy adult!

Kelly's name is a good one for her first weekend of shows, she did a 'double take' - winning both majors at the Chicago International Dog Show from the Bred by Exhibitor class!  At her second weekend of shows, she did another 'double take' - winning Best of Breed both days, again from the Bred by Exhibitor class for another 4 points and then winning the Bred by Exhibitor Terrier Group 3.  Kelly now has 10 points toward her championship for her in the ring!

In addition, Kelly has started training for agility and for earthdog competitions.  We hope to get her out to compete in the near future.

Besides all this, Kelly has become a wonderful companion!  She is my lap buddy in the evenings when I watch tv.  She is the "enforcer" of the rules with the other dogs and has been great in helping to train my puppies.

She is beautiful, intelligent, athletic and loving - who could want anything more?