About Us

Tolyn Kennels is a small, private kennel of Lakeland Terriers located in Milan, Michigan, about 1 hour west of Detroit.

Tolyn Kennels may not be what one traditionally thinks of as a "kennel", as such the name may be misleading. All the dogs live in the house with me (Lynn), my husband (Tony Scott) a "Tolyn" is a combination of  our first names.  The dogs are well-loved members of our family and are expected to get along with each other and to respect all members of the family. As such, breeding for a good, stable temperament is very important to me. My dogs are first and foremost pets. Their show/performance careers are secondary to their lives as pets.

In addition, because they are beloved members of the family, their health is very important to me. All the dogs are kept up-to-date on their shots, heartworm medication and treated as needed. When breeding, I look carefully at the pedigrees of the sire and the dam. The pedigrees are reviewed for any known health issues that could be passed down to the pups. Hip x-rays/OFA certifications are reviewed to be sure only those dogs with very good hips are ever bred.  This is followed up by feeding an all-natural premium dog food. Good nutrition and proper bone structure is important to be sure the dog lives a long, active and pain free life.

My dogs are only bred to dogs that will improve on what I already have. The dogs are rarely bred. I do not breed for profit or just because I have an AKC registered dog. I breed only when I have a dog worthy of being bred (proper structure, temperament, size, coat, etc.) AND to obtain a pup that is of a higher quality than its parents.

The pups only go to CAREFULLY screened homes on a spay/neuter contract, unless it is an approved show home.  The pups are guaranteed to be healthy for one week after leaving my premises and are guaranteed against genetic defects that negatively impact their life. If buyers ever decide they can not keep their dog, the dog is to return to me - regardless of the reason for not being able to keep the dog.